Della Perla Maremmana di Manuel Donadoni

Allevamento del Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese di Manuel Donadoni - CUCCIOLI DISPONIBILI E GARANTITI
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Maremma sheepdog italian kennel


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              maremma sheepdog

When the first Maremma Sheepdog puppy joined my family in 1987 it was love at first sight. It was a female named Lady: it was very sweet and authoritarian, just like a real Maremma dog can be. As time passed by, my admiration and interest in these huge snow-white dogs grew so much that I decided to approach the world of exhibitions, in the beginning as a careful and critical observer and then as a dynamic and enthusiastic exhibitor.

After gaining experience in other breeds during several “expo-meetings” I started counting on my first litters as a private amateur, until I obtained the acknowledgment of the affix “of Maremma Pearl” to my great satisfaction in 2003.


“Pearl”, since it is as precious and unique as this breed can be. “Pearl”, since it was conferred both world and international titles besides the Italian one because it is a wonderful female of great typicality and character.


         maremma head

Maremma”, to proudly remember the origin and the working environment of these sheepdogs from the Tuscan Maremma and the Abruzzi Apennines.

Beauty, intelligence, above all independence with a natural gift for guarding and incorrigible stubbornness are all those striking qualities that have kept fascinating me.
My dedication and passion are now focused on breeding and selecting these dogs according to morphology and character in conformity with canons and standards of pedigree dogs.
My personal target is an improving activity with a rising qualitative growth, keeping in mind that we can always “live and learn” in this field too.

Manuel Donadoni


I would like to heartily thank my parents who encouraged and supported me after an understandable initial hesitation. They understood that my love towards this breed was not a passing fad but a passion coming from the bottom of my heart.

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